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Our Trench pattern sewn by Luisa. Nuestro patrón Trench cosido por Luisa.

Luisa ha querido compartir su propio trabajo a partir del patrón Trench. Gracias Luisa. Nos encanta ver el resultado de vuestros proyectos y como incorporáis vuestro corazón a nuestros diseños. Luisa vive a caballo entre Sabiote y Móstoles  (España). Ella no se considera una modista profesional aunque siempre le gustó coser prendas a sus hijos […]

Trench, use it as you wish. Trench, úsalo como quieras.

Born in the late nineteenth century, the trench continues today by dressing as if no time had elapsed. Thought at that period as protection for rain, it has reinvented until today becoming an imperative of our closet. Images like those of the soldiers, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca or private detectives flooded when we think of […]

Holstering yourself with style in a pencil skirt. Enfúndate con estilo en tu falda lápiz.

With the aim of leaving behind the horrors of World War II, Christian Dior introduced in 1954 in his Autumn-Winter collection the classic yet modern pencil skirt or long skirt tube. Con la intención de dejar atrás los horrores de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en 1954 Christian Dior introdujo la clásica y a la vez […]

Skirts are our Top seller patterns¡¡¡ Las faldas son nuestros patrones más vendidos¡¡¡

Hello. These are our top seller patterns. Remember that you can get 20% off using WELCOME discount code. Enjoy Them. Hola. Aquí os dejo nuestros patrones más vendidos. Recordad que tendréis un 20% de descuento utilizando el cupón WELCOME. Disfrútalos.

How to make a Raglan Sleeve pattern. Como obtener el patrón de la manga Raglan.

To make the pattern of a blouse with sleeves Raglan will start from a wide blouse base  pattern (without darts on bust or waist). Modify the descent of armhole 2.5 cm (variable). Para realizar el patrón de una blusa con manga Raglan partiremos de un patrón base de blusa amplia (sin pinzas de pecho ni cintura). […]

Now available new sewing patterns made for plus sizes. Nuevos patrones de costura pensado para tallas grandes

Hello. Hola. These are the new sewing patterns designed for plus sizes. Estos son los nuevos patrones de costura diseñados para tallas especiales. Enjoy them. Disfrútalos. This garment was designed for every occasions. This skirt is multipurpose, wether for a wedding, a formal meeting or even for everyday wear.Skirt Pattern with four seams (quillas) front […]

How to make a yoke in a base skirt pattern.

Hello. Today we would like to show you how we transform a base skirt pattern to get a yoke in the skirt. The process is very simple and it will help you to design a wide waistband, make colors games or introduce shirring or pleats under the hip line. 1) We start with a base pattern, […]

Do you want to share your pattern? Sewing Patterns Designs is your place

We know that many of you make your own designs. We want you to be proud of it. If you want to share it with everybody, we want to help you. If you have a pattern on paper and you want to share it, post it to us, we will digitize, We will scale it […]


SewingPatternsDesigns is a new initiative led by Esperanza Marcos to bring you her 35 years experience in the world of sewing patterns. Our goal is to make you fall in love with your own designs and sewing projects. We want to give the keys to our patterns, show you how to make your own ones and […]